Quantum Blue® Infliximab Assay Highlights

US: BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® Infliximab is for Research Use Only in the US. Not to be used in diagnostic procedures.
Canada: BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® Infliximab: Health Canada License: 98838

Rapid, Simple, Accurate Quantitative Results

BÜHLMANN’s Quantum Blue® Product line is designed with an innovative solution based on established lateral flow technology which utilizes highly specific monoclonal antibodies to capture the molecule being measured. Optical densities of test and control lines are detected by the Quantum Blue® Reader and translated into a quantitative result.

The BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® Infliximab Trough Level Assay  is a unique assay in the BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® Product line. It is the ONLY  quantitative rapid test in the market for infliximab that can provide fast, reliable information for infliximab, and correlates well with the standard routine ELISAs for determination of infliximab levels.


  • Rapid: 15 min to quantitative results
  • Ideal Measuring Range: 0.4- 20 µg/ml range
  • Quantum Blue® Trusted routine platform


Assay Highlights:

  • Utilizes highly specific monoclonal antibody
  • Peer reviewed publications
  • Correlates well with standard ELISAs for determination of infliximab

Advantages: BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® Infliximab

Simplest Testing Method in the Market

  • Extremely User Friendly- Quantum Blue® Reader is desktop device that does not require highly trained personnel to run test.

Speed: Short Analysis Time 

  • Analysis time of 15 minutes (ideal for targeting infliximab concentration)

Flexible and Individual Solutions

  • Designed to be individual testing for each subject’s sample and does not have to be batched 

Disadvantages: Competitor A’s Assay

More Complex Testing Method

  • ELISA Method- Requires highly trained personnel to run test with ELISA method

Prolonged Testing Time

  • Analysis/Procedure time: 8 hours (NOT ideal for targeting infliximab concentration)

Limited Individual Solutions

  • Designed to be run in batches for cost effectiveness which can cause a delay in testing

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