Anti-SGPG Autoantibodies ELISA

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Anti-SGPG  Autoantibodies ELISA is for Research Use only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures in the USA.

Health Canada License: 89117.

In general, antibodies recognizing MAG react with a carbohydrate determinant that is also present on an acidic lipid, sulfoglucuronyl paragloboside. Anti-SGPG antibodies have a wider spectrum than anti-MAG antibodies do – some samples which are anti-SGPG positive are negative for anti-MAG antibodies. Therefore, samples should be tested for both antibodies.

The Anti-SGPG Autoantibodies ELISA from BÜHLMANN is a semi-quantitative assay in which results are compared with a calibrator.

Advantages of BÜHLMANN Anti-SGPG Autoantibodies ELISA

Uniqueness: The BÜHLMANN Anti-SGPG Autoantibodies ELISA is worldwide the only commercially available assay for measuring anti-SGPG antibodies.

Accuracy: Pre-coated microtiter plates.

Specificity: The use of highly purified SGPG, microtiterplate with extremely low unspecific binding properties, and no blocking proteins.

Reproducibility: Pre-measured standards and two controls ensure low inter-assay variation.

Product Information

Method ELISA (96 wells)
Time to result 4.5 h (approx.)
Sample type 2 µl serum (1:1000)
Reference OD-Ratio
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Anti-SGPG Autoantibodies ELISA- EK-SGPG-U

Anti-SGPG Autoantibodies ELISA – EK-SGPG

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