Autoimmunity - BUHLMANN - MRP8/14 - CIC - anti C1q antibodies



The Quantum Blue® sCAL lateral flow assay is a sandwich-type immunoassay for the quantitative determination of MRP8/14 in human serum in combination with the BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® Reader. The MRP8/14 assays by BÜHLMANN allow for precise and sensitive measurement of this important marker for research related to inflammation.

Circulating Immunecomplexes (CIC)

Circulating Immunecomplexes (CIC) are detectable in a variety of systemic disorders. They provide useful, clinical information regarding immunopathology, prognosis and follow-up of rheumatic and autoimmune disorders. BÜHLMANN Labs offers a well-established and widely used assay that provides sensitive results within 2 hours.