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ACE high sensitive

ACE high sensitive is for Research Use Only. Not to be used in diagnostic procedures in the US.

High Sensitive Assay

The BÜHLMANN ACE high sensitive assay is designed to quantify reproducibility increased ACE activity in CSF samples. ACE activity measurement in diluted serum samples is possible as well. The assay shows a detection limit of 1 U/L and can be applied either on microtiter plates with a kinetic reader or on some clinical chemistry analyzers. The determined dynamic range goes up to 24 U/L. Results can be retrieved within about half an hour.

The standardization of the assay is based on the well established  BÜHLMANN ACE kinetic assay for serum testing.

The prinicple of the assay is based, as in the ACE kinetic assay, on the cleavage of the synthetic substrate FAPGG into an amino acid derivate and a dipeptide. The kinetic of this cleavage reaction is measured by recording the decreasing absorbance at 340 nm.

Product Information

Method Enzymatic Assay (kinetic) (130 tests)
– on microtiter plates with kinetic reader
– Analyzers (Pentra, KoneLab, Cobas Mira)
Time to result ~30 min
Sample type CSF / Serum (1:5)
Sensitivity 1 U/L
Dynamic range 1.5 – 24 U/L
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