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Anti-GM1 Antibodies ELISA

Anti-GM1 Antibodies ELISA is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures in the US.

Anti-GM1 Antibodies ELISA

Anti-GM1 Antibodies ELISA allows individual testing of anti-GM1 antibodies of the IgG and/or the IgM isotype. BÜHLMANN Anti-GM1 Antibodies ELISA is based on the enzyme-immunometric assay technique. GM1 has been coated onto the wells of the microtiter plate.

Product Information

Method ELISA (96wells)
Time to result 4.5 h (approx.)
Sample type 20 µl serum (1:50)
Standard range quantitative
Isotypes IgG and IgM
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Anti-GM1 Antibodies ELISA (IgG & IgM)- EK-GM1-GM-U 

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