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Simple Sampler®

BÜHLMANN Simple Sampler® is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures in the US.

Simple Sampler®

The BÜHLMANN Simple Sampler® collection device provides a simple, easy-to-use, efficient and hygienic stool collection method. The Simple Sampler® has been designed for attachment to North American toilets and can be flushed after use as the Simple Sampler® is completely biodegradable. It has been introduced to fulfill the requirements of convenient stool collection that minimizes contamination in order to enhance accuracy of stool testing and ensures fewer test errors.

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Product Information


Simple Sampler® 
Shelf life room temperature until the expiration date
Available pack size 25
Instructions for Use & Other Downloads see below

Simple Sampler® Stool Collection Set

Stool Collection Device

  • Stool Collection Sheets
  • Examination gloves
  • Instructions for Use
  • Transportation Container Tube







Available Separately

  • Padded envelope labeled UN3373, outer packaging in mailing ‘Biological Substance, Category B’
  • Shipping T-Box ‘Rigid Outer Packaging’ for IATA regulations in aircraft transportation of Biological Substance, Category B’

Download IFU and Catalog Numbers

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BÜHLMANN Simple Sampler® – B-CAL-SAMPLER25

* Multilingual [EN, ES, FR]

BÜHLMANN Products are distributed in Canada by Inter Medico.  For more information, email or call 1.800.387.9643.

BÜHLMANN Simple Sampler® – B-CAL-SAMPLER25

* Multilingual [EN, ES, FR]

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