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Calprotectin is an incredibly valuable research tool. BÜHLMANN’s portfolio provides all possible applications for measuring calprotectin from the subject’s home test to the high throughput lab. BÜHLMANN is continuously evolving IBD solutions to meet your needs.

Quantum Blue®

The Quantum Blue® Calprotectin rapid test is a sensitive tool and provides a valuable means to obtain quantitative results for calprotectin. Concentration (in ug/l stool) are available within 12 minutes and are very comparable to the established BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA.


Research related to inflammatory disease processes are reliably and accurately measured by BÜHLMANN assays for certain biomarkers which include Calprotectin or MRP8/14, CIC and anti-C1q antibodies.

Cellular Allergy

Where specific IgE fails to demonstrate absolute reliability, especially in more complex reactions such as the study of drug, venom or food allergies BÜHLMANN has the solution – The complete Cellular Allergy package.


Welcome to the BÜHLMANN GanglioComb® product group: the new, friendly package of commonly standardized ganglioside antibody ELISA assays; different formats of assays for any type of laboratory for different requests.

Clinical Chemistry

Employing the long lasting experience with ACE activity on a broad range of clinical chemistry analyzers BÜHLMANN is going on to expand the existing product line with either specialized niche products or new upcoming markers for applications.


For more than 15 years BÜHLMANN provides the gold standard in immunological determination of melatonin. The hormone produced by the pineal gland is the most important marker to study the individual circadian and seasonal biorhythm.

Special Products

“Special Products” group a broad range of products and cover disciplines such as electrolyte- and waterbalance, hypertension/endocrinology, and cardiology. These products are based on RIA or ELISA technology.