Quantum Blue® Adalimumab

Quantum Blue® Adalimumab

BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue®Adalimumab is for Research Use Only in the US. Not for use in diagnostics procedures in the US.

Health Canada Licence: 101776

The BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® Adalimumab is the first rapid test to measure adalimumab in serum samples. The test is designed for the selective measurement of adalimumab by a sandwich immunoassay.

The Quantum Blue®Adalimumab assay measures from 1.3 to 35 µg/ml, and the target concentrations lies well within the linear range of the test. Quantum Blue® Adalimumab is unique in the market, being the first test to provide fast, reliable information for adalimumab and it correlates well with the standard routine ELISAs for adalimumab level determinations.

Quantum Blue®Adalimumab Product information

Test Quantum Blue® Adalimumab
Method Lateral Flow
Time to Result 15 min (approx.)
Sample Type Serum
Measuring Range 1.3-35 µg/ml
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BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® Adalimumab – LF-TLAD25-U/LF-TLAD10-U

Kit Sizes: LF-TLAD25-U (25 tests), TLAD10-U (10 tests)

BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue®Adalimumab – LF-TLAD25/LF-TLAD10 

Kit Sizes: LF-TLAD25 (25 tests), TLAD10 (10 tests)

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