IBDoc® Talk #2


IBDoc® is the first self-testing application for fecal calprotectin in IBD patients that involves three easy steps. Based on BÜHLMANN’s long-lasting experience with calprotectin assays, IBDoc® provides IBD patients a convenient method for self-testing. CALEX® Valve has been developed for simple and easy-to-handle stool extraction with a valve designed to allow the precise application of 60 µl onto the test cassette. The CalApp® smartphone application (available for iOS and Android) is used to transform smartphones into a test cassette reader using sophisticated image processing.

IBDoc® Talk is a teleconference series on lessons learned for those using IBDoc® Calprotectin Home Test. This is a means to create a content sharing vector for clinicians and medical staff to provide insights and experiences from seasoned users to newbies.

Health Canada Licence: 98903, Device class: 3 
BÜHLMANN IBDoc® is not available for sale in the US.

Teleconference Overview
Goal of Discussion
The goal is for Clinical Administrators and Clinical Users from the numerous IBDoc® portals across Canada to share insight into their best practices for using IBDoc®.

-Pearl Avery, an experienced user from Dorset County Hospital in the UK, the first IBD nurse to lead an IBDoc® study, provides insights from her study as well as perspectives from her work with her patients using IBDoc®.

-Barb Harbers, an IBD Nurse Navigator and experienced user from Chinook Regional Hospital, shares her knowledge in training patients on how to best use IBDoc® and discusses patients’ viewpoints of this test and the impact it has had on their care.

Who Should Watch the Recording?

– Do you have questions on your center’s use of IBDoc®?
– Are you just interested in learning about IBDoc®?
– Do you want to share some tips and tricks?

Be sure to check out this recording of the discussion hosted by Collin Shaw from BUHLMANN, with participation from centers using IBDoc® whom are eager to provide feedback.  This is intended for medical staff and is not meant for patients.

In this Teleconference You will Learn
  • Tips & Tricks from experienced IBDoc® clinical users
  • How to best use IBDoc® 
  • Brief overview of some frequently asked questions
  • Who knows what else you will learn, you will have to register to find out!


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