IBDoc Learning with Video Tutorials

New IBDoc® Tutorials

(available on: ibdoc.net)

IBDoc® Portal Tutorial videos offer:
  • Quick and easy training for the sites to learn the important portal functionalities
  • Updated healthcare professional and patient training
Who Are the Videos for?

View these six new IBDoc® Portal Tutorial Videos. They are geared toward helping Healthcare Professionals that start using IBDoc® with the first steps of creating an account and setting up new users.

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In these Tutorials You will Learn
    Clinical Administrator

  • How to create a new IBDoc® clinic
  • How to set up a new account for a Clinical User
  • How to make changes to the accounts
    Clinical User

  • Different ways to create a patient account
  • How to reset a password
  • Different ways to consult results

US: IBDoc® is not available for sale in the US.

Health Canada License: 98903, Device class: 3