BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo Success Story- Freeman Hospital, Newcastle


The Benefits of Switching to BÜHLMANN Assay for Calprotectin Testing

Dr. Elodie Hanon, Prinicpal Clinial Scientist at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, UK

(Article courtesy of BÜHLMANN’s UK distributor, Alpha Laboratories.)

Highlight from this Perspective Article

“We went live with the fCAL turbo in March 2018, and there really have been no issues. The turn-around time is still the same as we are only running assays once a week, but the workflow 1s so much easier and we have certainly noticed an improvement on the EQA, with better agreement within our group….

Overall, I think everyone is very pleased with the switch, and I would certainly recommend fCAL turbo to other labs who may be considering a change.

BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo (K190784): FDA 510(k) cleared. For in vitro Diagnostic Use.
Health Canada License: 96808