IBDoc is Now Part of the TactioRPM

image credit: newswire.com

US: IBDoc® is not available for sale in the US.

Health Canada License: 98903, Device class: 3

Tactio Health Group and Telia Company team up to accelerate the development of patient-centred digital health programs in Sweden and other Nordic and Baltic countries.

The Swedish telecommunication company Telia, together with AbbVie Sweden, developed the IBD Home platform using the  TactioRPM platform. IBD Home is a complete IBD remote monitoring ecosystem. The IBD Home app allows patients to fill in symptom scores and other important information on their smartphone. Using a seamless integration the Swedish patients an simply press the “Calprotectin” button and are automatically logged into the IBDoc® App, perform their calprotectin home test, and the result is shared from IBDoc® to the IBD Home app in the background. All data is then available to the gastroenterologists and also fed into the Swedish IBD registry, SWIBREG.

IBDoc® (Overview)

Watch this demonstration below to get an overview of the system and visit calprotectinassays.com to explore other IBDoc® videos.