Towards a Clinical Validation of the BÜHLMANN Flow CAST® Basophil Activation Test for Drug and Protein Allergy

Flow CAST® Assay:

Schneider M, Eberlein B, Léon Suárez I, Hausmann O, Wolanczyk-Medrala A, Medrala W, Romano A, Seneviratne S, Snorton A, Niederberger C, Jermann T. Towards a clinical validation of the BÜHLMANN Flow2 CAST® basophil activation test for drug and protein allergy. Poter XXV. EAACI annual meeting, Warsaw, 06.-10. June 2009.

Highlights from this Publication

“..These evaluations confirm that this test has the potential to be a very reliable tool for routine application in cellular allergy diagnosis for drugs, hymenoptera venom and food allergy.”

Flow CAST®  is for Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures in the US and Canada.