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Use of basophil activation in oral immunotherapy

An outstanding research paper was published in the top rated Journal of Allergen and Clinical Immunology which evaluated the performance of basophil activation as a biomarker in monitoring clinical efficacy of oral peanut immunotherapy in a clinical trial.

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Flow CAST- Assay Overview Video

Flow CAST®: Research Use Only in the US. Not for diagnostic procedures. Health Canada License:101781 BÜHLMANN Flow CAST® and Basophil Activation (BAT): Basophil Activation Tests (BAT) have been extensively studied as in vitro functional assays and have demonstrated superior accuracy as compared to other blood tests for various allergies (1).  BÜHLMANN  provides a broad range of
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Basophils Are Still Alive

Quality Assay & Sample Stability for Viable Basophils Basophil Activation Testing (often referred to as BAT) is a flow-cytometry-based functional assay that assesses the degree of cell activation after exposure to stimuli.3 Q: Do you know which BAT application makes sense for your lab? Are you thinking about implementing an allergy BAT?  Or are you
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Basophil Activation Testing – Standardized

3 Reasons to Consider this Method in Kinase Inhibitor Drug Development Basophils are the circulating immune cells that participate in allergic reactions and share many of the signaling pathways that are also present in other types of immune cells that may develop into blood cancers or participate in the development of autoimmune disorders.  Therefore, measuring
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