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Basophil Activation Testing – Standardized

3 Reasons to Consider this Method in Kinase Inhibitor Drug Development Basophils are the circulating immune cells that participate in allergic reactions and share many of the signaling pathways that are also present in other types of immune cells that may develop into blood cancers or participate in the development of autoimmune disorders.  Therefore, measuring
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BUHLMANN announces new Microsite for Kinase Inhibition Assay

BÜHLMANN’s Kinase Inhibition Assay Testing Potency and Efficacy of Inhibitors of PI3K δ, PI3K γ, BTK and SYK Activity Biomarker assays are developed specifically for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodyamic (PK/PD) models during drug discovery and are often used to test efficacy and toxicity. Inhibitors of PI3K, BTK and SYK pathways are a large focus for pharmaceutical
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