BUHLMANN LabSense News: Fall 2016 Edition

BUHLMANN Diagnostics Corp is proud to present the very first edition of our newsletter. View the latest information, new happenings, products highlights, citations, and promotions in the BUHLMANN LabSense News.  Here you will also be able to access valuable resources, applications, and other newsworthy items specific to fields of in vitro diagnostics and scientific research. In this edition we highlight the new landing page (kinaseinhibitionassays.com) and the latest eBOOK for the Flow CAST® Basophil Activation Test. We also share over 50 publications for our calprotectin assays, some interesting facts our BÜHLMANN GanglioCombi™ MAG ELISA, and some promotions worth checking out!

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Introducing Flow CAST Site

Testing Potency and Efficacy of Inhibitors of PI3K, PI3K, BTK and SYK Activity

Calprotectin Citations
View Calprotectin Citations

BUHLMANN Highlights

Current Promotions
Special Pricing on Select Allergens, Assays, and Assay Components