BUHLMANN LabSense News: Spring 2017 Edition

BUHLMANN Diagnostics Corp is proud to release the third edition of our newsletter. View the latest information, new happenings, products highlights, citations, and promotions in the BUHLMANN LabSense News.  Here you will also be able to access valuable resources, applications, and other newsworthy items specific to fields of in vitro diagnostics and scientific research.

In this edition, we introduce the launch of BÜHLMANN Calprotectin Assay Site (www.calprotectinassay.com) and announce 3 new Health Canada Licences!  We also highlight the BÜHLMANN GanglioCombi MAG ELISA with its latest white paper as well as the latest Technical News by Product Manager, Dr. Christian Reinhard on the value of calprotectin testing. Additionally, we share new publications citing our  BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA and BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue®fCAL extended Assay, and a promotion for select assays and allergens worth checking out!

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Introducing BÜHLMANN Calprotectin Assay Site & New Health Canada Licences

Technical News

The Value of Calprotectin in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Monitoring

Calprotectin Citations
View BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA Citation and BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® fCAL extended Citation

BUHLMANN Highlights

Current Promotions
Select Assays and Select Allergens