BUHLMANN Flow CAST Kinase Inhibition Assay and Utilization in Research

BÜHLMANN’s Kinase Inhibition Assay has been utilized in several publications in various fields of study such as drug discovery, cancer research, autoimmune disease research, and more. Several key kinases that are molecular targets in drug discovery, such as PI3Kγ and PI3Kδ, SYK, BTK are main components in the basophil activation signaling pathways.

Our Assay  has been utilized in:

DEVELOPMENT: Supporting in drug development by inhibition of basophil activation (a surrogate biomarker for the activity of kinase inhibitors) and targeting immune cell signaling pathway.

TESTING AND OPTIMIZING: Evaluating kinase inhibitors through target identification and validation, compound screening and identification, lead identification, and lead optimization.

CELL SIGNALLING: Evaluating potency and efficacy of inhibitors of immune cell signaling pathway using inhibition of basophil degranulation as a surrogate read out.