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100 BÜHLMANN Calprotectin Publications

BÜHLMANN launched its first fecal calprotectin assay over 10 years ago and since then has developed into THE CALPROTECTIN COMPANY with the highest quality standards. The offerings include the FDA 510(k) cleared BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA, the FDA 510(k) cleared automated BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo (in combination with CALEX® Cap fecal extraction device) for testing on most
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 Assays Offerings: We offer a selection of unique, high-quality assays for Cellular Allergy testing such as the BÜHLMANN Flow CAST® product group  and numerous Allergens for Basophil Activation Testing and Neuroimmunology testing such as the BÜHLMANN GanglioCombi® products; the only screening ELISAs for anti-Ganglioside testing and Anti-MAG Autoantibodies ELISA. Other areas of BÜHLMANN’s focus include specialized niche products for Clinical Chemistry (ACE, GHB, etc.) as well
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BUHLMANN Quantum Blue® fCAL Tutorial

View this demonstration of CALEX® Cap extraction and quantitative fecal calprotectin measurement using the Quantum Blue® fCAL rapid test technology. Quantum Blue® fCAL high range:  Health Canada License: 88674 Quantum Blue® fCAL: Health Canada License: 83477 US: (The Quantum Blue® tests are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures in the US.) Contact BUHLMANN Today! Contact
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BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA, accurate, precise, efficient calprotectin testing Health Canada License: 80726 US:  BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA is FDA 510(k) cleared. For in vitro Diagnostic Use. Quantum Blue® platform offering rapid and quantitative results for fecal calprotectin, serum calprotectin, CRP, serum infliximab trough levels, and serum adalimumab trough levels (Additional trough level assays coming soon!) Health Canada Licenses: Quantum Blue®  fCAL: 83477, Quantum Blue® fCAL extended: 100161 US: Research Use Only. Not
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Calprotectin Assay Precision

BÜHLMANN fCAL® Assays BÜHLMANN fCAL® Assays have rock-solid performance that provide you with optimal precision to measure your results. Focus on what really matters - calprotectin results you can stand behind. Increase your efficiency and cost savings with BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo, BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA, and Quantum Blue® fCAL. Precision & Linearity Data LEARN MORE Success Stories BÜHLMANN's calprotectin assays success stories
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