IBDoc® Talk – Tips and Tricks Teleconference

Health Canada Licence: 98903, Device class: 3 
BÜHLMANN IBDoc® is not available for sale in the US.

IBDoc® is the first self-testing application for fecal calprotectin in IBD patients that involves three easy steps.
IBDoc® allows IBD patients convenient self-testing of fecal calprotectin.
Teleconference Overview
Goal of Discussion
The goal was for Clinical Administrators and Clinical Users from the numerous IBDoc® portals across Canada to share insight into the best practices they have established for using IBDoc®.
Who Should Watch Recording?

– Do you have questions on your center’s use of IBDoc®?
– Are you just interested in learning about IBDoc®?

Be sure to replay the open discussion hosted by Collin Shaw at BUHLMANN with participation from centers who are eager to provide feedback.  This is intended for medical staff and is not meant for patients.

In this Teleconference You will Learn
  • Tips & Tricks from experienced IBDoc® clinical users
  • How to best use IBDoc® 
  • Brief overview of some frequently asked questions
  • Who knows what else you will learn- you will have to watch to find out!