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Amanitin analysis in urine is a valuable research tool and does significantly contribute to studing the management of mushroom poisoning. Mushroom toxicity is a worldwide concern. The lethality of a few mushrooms underlines the importance of amantin analysis using the Amanitin ELISA offered by BÜHLMANN.

Vasopressin (ADH)

Anti-diuretic hormone (ADH, also known as [Arginine 8] Vasopressin, AVP) is a peptide hormone and acts as effector hormone of the hypothalamus for the regulation of the water balance. ADH acts on kidneys, concentrating urine by promoting the re-absorption of water from the cortical collecting duct.

Angiotensin II

Angiotensin II has a key position in the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone-System (RAAS), which maintains blood pressure and regulates the body’s water balance. The Angiotensin II RIA was one of the first commercially available Angiotensin II RIA Kits available on the market. It is currently used in both clinical routine labs in addition to a number of research projects investigating hypertensive and normotensive models in rat and mouse.

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