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BUHLMANN’s Kinaseinhibitionassays.com provides dynamic overview with insights on overcoming
limitations in drug development, using basophils as biomarker and Flow CAST® as your tool of choice.


Quantum Blue® Infliximab

The BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue® Infliximab trough level rapid test.



BÜHLMANN calprotectin technology platforms offers a wide range of testing applications for
measuring calprotectin from the subject’s home test to the high throughput lab



BÜHLMANN’s fCAL turbo PETIA has been published in the Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis. It is
a robust assay that "is well suited for rapid analysis of fecal calprotectin on Mindray BS-380 or Cobas
c501 analyzers providing short test turn-around times.

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Applied Proteomics Says

Of all the commercial kits we evaluated, the Buhlmann MRP8/14 assay had the most consistently high quality, with the lowest CVs and best lot-to-lot precision.
Stan Poey, Director of Purchasing, Logistics, and Facilities

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