Testing Potency and Efficacy of Inhibitors of P13K, SYK, BTK Activity

The Flow CAST® is intended for the determination of basophil activation in whole blood samples by flow cytometry. Our unique marker combination – CCR3 and CD63 – combines the simple gating properties for basophil detection by CCR3 with the solid application of the proven activation marker CD63 in one. Thanks to its easy protocol and smart marker combination the first results can be obtained within one hour – perfect conditions for laboratories.


One Kit, Two Applications- Accurate Results in Minutes:
Learn more about the kinase inhibition application in the webinar below!

Inhibitors of PI3K, SYK and BTK pathways are a large focus for pharmaceutical companies with several small molecule inhibitors currently at different stages of development. Enzymatic assays measuring the direct activity of compounds are limited because they do not provide information about the entire pathway controlled by these kinases. If you are interested in learning more about how to overcome this limitation, you won’t want to miss this compelling webcast featuring Dr. Michele Romano from BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG.

Check out Kinasehibitionassays.com to learn more about:

  • Inhibition of basophil activation as surrogate biomarker for activity of kinase inhibitors
  • Testing and optimizing kinase inhibitors in drug development
  • Role of immune cell cell signaling kinases in basophils

Flow CAST® is for Research Use Only in the US. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Health Canada Licence: 101781