Interview: BUHLMANN fCAL ELISA in a Clinical Laboratory- Expert User Perspectives

BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA is FDA 510(k) cleared.  For in vitro Diagnostic Use.
Health Canada License: 80726

In this Video You will Learn:

  • Background information on calprotectin and it’s use in primary care
  • Technical details of calprotectin testing in the laboratory
  • Perspectives and general tips on the use of the BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA

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The current gold standard in the diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is the invasive procedure, endoscopy.  When considering the downfalls of traditional treatment pathways such as elevated healthcare costs and inefficient patient care, it is apparent an alternative solution is needed.

Many clinicians have explored implementing a strategy of testing for a non-invasive biomarker, fecal calprotectin as a means to aid in the differentiation of IBD from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).One such clinician who has developed a new treatment pathway using calprotectin is James Turvill, Consultant Gastroenterologist at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust who began this quest in 2008. This institution is situated in the north of England and covers one of the biggest geographical areas in the country servicing around 800,000 people over eight sites. York hospital itself is a large teaching hospital with over 700 beds providing acute medical and surgical services.

In this video, we interview Dr. Daniel Turnock and Susanna Rose whom work in the laboratory at York hospital and run calprotectin testing for Dr. Turvill using the BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA.

About the Interviewees


Daniel Turnock has been working as a Consultant Clinical Biochemist at York for 4.5 years. Dan gained his PhD at Dundee in Scotland before joining the NHS 11 years ago; his experience with calprotectin started at Northumbria NHS Trust using the BÜHLMANN Quantum Blue®  lateral flow system. At York they use the BÜHLMANN fCAL®  ELISA and have done for 10 years. Dan has been the main laboratory contact for Dr. James Turvill, Consultant Gastroenterologist who successfully created and implemented a pathway for use of calprotectin in primary care and has collaborated with Dr. Turvill in monitoring the effectiveness of the pathway.


Susanna Rose has been working at York as a Healthcare Science Associate Practitioner for 2 years; prior to this she worked as a research scientist in academia and industry within the medical devices arena and gained significant experience of ELISA’s. The primary focus of Susanna’s work at York is with the faecal calprotectin and elastase assays.

Intended use of this assay: The BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA aids in the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), specifically Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC) and aids in the differentiation of IBD from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in conjunction with other laboratory and clinical findings) thus any mention of “non-diagnosis” application in this interview should be used for information only.