Comparison of Six Different Calprotectin Assays for the Assessment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Quantum Blue® fCAL Citation

Labaere, D, Smismans A, Olmen A, Christiaens P, D’Haens G, Moons V, Cuyle P, Frans J, and Bossuyt P. Comparison of six different calprotectin assays for the assessment of inflammatory bowel disease, United European Gastroenterology J. 2014 Feb; 2(1): 30–37.  doi:  10.1177/2050640613518201

Highlight from this Publication

“The EliA [Phadia] cut off for diagnosis was optimal at a level of 15 mg/g. This is as low as the detection limit of the assay, which is analytically unacceptable.”

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