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Webinar: The Application of Data-Driven Approaches to Flow Cytometric Analysis of Basophil Activation Testing

Using Flow CAST® for the Development of a High Throughput, Objective Approach to Basophil Activation Image credit: Sarita U. Patil et al. (full citation below) Webinar Recording Abstract We have developed and implemented a new data-driven, programmatic approach to the analysis of flow cytometry data from basophil activation testing. While conventional data analysis of flow cytometric data
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Development of a Robust Automated 384-well Whole Blood Flow Cytometry Assay

Flow CAST®Kinase Inhibition Assay Citation: Wise S. et al. Development of a Robust Automated 384-well Whole Blood Flow Cytometry Assay. SLAS 2014. 3rd Annual Conference & Exhibition. January 18-22, 2014. San Diego, CA Highlights from this Poster "Monitoring basophil activation in whole blood via flow cytometry is an accurate method for measuring a pharmacodynamic response
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Basophil Activation Testing- Standardized

3 Reasons to Consider this Method in Kinase Inhibitor Drug Development Basophils are the circulating immune cells that participate in allergic reactions and share many of the signaling pathways that are also present in other types of immune cells that may develop into blood cancers or participate in the development of autoimmune disorders.  Therefore, measuring
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