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Immunotech & DSL products excel in consistent quality, flexibility and the application of all official quality and safety standards.

Beckman Coulter’s immunoassay expertise is supported by Immunotech’s 20 years of designing and commercializing in vitro diagnostic products.

Immunotech develops and manufactures reagents intended for in vitro diagnostics and offers two different immunoassay formats, radioimmunoassay (RIA) and enzyme immunoassay (EIA) providing a broad menu for oncology, apoptosis, mediators, retrovirology, cytokines and more.

Researchers and Clinicians here in Switzerland are strongly relying on the competence of Immunotech for example in the fields of cytokine research, and of reproductive medicine by application of Androstenedione  and DHEA RIAs as well as the EIA for the ovarian marker anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH)* Literature

Another member of Beckman Coulter is Diagnostic Systems Laboratories (DSL) established in 1981 with a vision of developing and marketing high quality in vitro diagnostics. DSL is a worldwide leader in hormone analysis. By continually exploring new technologies and applications, DSL stays at the forefront of the in vitro diagnostic industry in terms of innovation and responsiveness to evolving laboratory procedures.

List of actually requested Immunotech & DSL Products in Switzerland.

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